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Have you been stuck in a writing rut? 

Have you been trying to write your book for months, even years and still had little to no progress?

Get the inspiration, motivation and structure you need to write your book.


"I absolutely love Merav's program! As a Child Play Therapist, I felt like I had a good grasp of how to tell stories, but I didn't know how to put those stories together. I now realize how easy it is to craft those stories into the framework that Merav taughtGame changer!" 


D. Nantes


21 Day Author Experience for?

Anyone looking to write, publish and profit from a best-selling book.

The creative process is a little different for everyone. Your story is no doubt one only YOU can write.

But guess what? ...You weren’t meant to do it alone!

Even the most experienced authors have help organizing, inspiring and publishing their books!


When you join today you will receive...


  • Daily Writing Prompts

    You'll receive 21 Daily Writing Prompts DIRECTLY to your email INBOX. You only need to write 1,667 words per day for 21 days to write a 35, 007 word book!

    The daily Writing Prompts will keep you motivated to get there! 

  • 21 Day Online Course 

    In The WRITE CLUB - 21 Day Author Experience Course, you'll have access to Videos, Audio recordings, Worksheets and more. Whether you want to write the whole book in 21 days, or take your time to write, you have access to all the course materials for life.

  • A Private Facebook Write Club Group

    Find a community of authors, for accountability, weekly AMA's, Masterclasses, tips, techniques and much more.

"Over the last month I've been writing my book with the help of Merav and her new course and she's been a dream to work with!


If you get a chance to work with her or even have a conversation, I highly recommend! She's brilliant." 

Cara Bell

Developer Marketing Specialist, Founder of The Hinge Method

"For anyone who only wants to be able to beat overwhelm, the voice of the inner critic, imposter syndrome, and instead, to focus on your strengths and have the creative spark that keeps you in your zone of genius…..this is the course for you!" 

Mark J.

International SpeakerInternational Speaker

"The Write Club, 21 Day Author Experience has made things SO MUCH EASIER!!  

Without this course there is no way I would have been able to write and publish as quickly and efficiently as I have."

Doug G. 

Commercial Pilot, Flight Instructor, and First Time Author




Hi I'm Merav!   For almost a decade, I have helped aspiring authors to find their passion, write their books, publish and PROFIT from them, while growing and scaling online businesses.  


And have helped clients from all over the world generate books, workshops, retreats and corporate sponsorship doing what they love! 


Best of all - I'm known as the "Conscious Contribution Coach". I help authors find the WHY behind their WHY, and connect their brand to something that makes an impact in the world. 

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