Speakers, Coaches, and Other Rebels 

The world has changed.

Now More Than EVER we NEED

Game Changers

To Step Up and Speak UP.

Have you wanted to WRITE, PUBLISH, and PROFIT from your BOOK?

The publishing world has changed, and the authors who know the new rules and have the right tools, will CHANGE the GAME.

Merav Richter (aka M)

I'm Merav, but my friends call me M (kind of like the mastermind behind James Bond's missions). 

I'm a 3x Best-Selling Author, 2x TedX Speaker, Philosopher, Poet, Corporate Trainer, Autism Awareness Advocate, Mama of three, and Spiritual Gangsta.

When I co-wrote and published a novel with my (then) 9-year-old daughter, which not only became a Best-Seller on the same day it was published, but it also completely changed the GAME for both myself and my daughter. I learned the NEW tools and rules in the Publishing industry. I learned that writing a GOOD book is essential, but it's only the beginning. I learned easy, simple ways to leverage the NEW rules to be able to PROFIT from your book like never before.

Since then, I've been helping Game Changing Authors fulfill their dreams of not only writing and publishing their books to Best-Seller status, but also creating a platform to PROFIT from their books. 

That's why I know for sure - There has never been a better time to publish your book!


I've helped Authors in EVERY niche, on every topic, with or without a platform or an audience in place. Every Author can become an Authority and become successful in the new publishing world.

I saw so many aspiring authors spending so much money on programs that gave them little more than writing prompts, or inspiration, but then didn't fulfill on the knowledge of how to actually PROFIT. 

I was coaching author after author, who had boxes of their books sitting in their garage, after working with book coaches that charged a lot of money for those boxes of books, without ever giving real back up.


That's when the GAME CHANGING BOOK BLUEPRINT was born.


Just like M from the James Bond movies supplies 007 with his arsenal of tools to help him fulfil his mission, I give Game Changing Authors the tools, techniques and support they need to write, publish AND profit from their BEST SELLING books. 

Imagine how it will feel to hold your Best-Selling Published Book in your hand.


Imagine how your life will be transformed when you have that extra stream of income, coming in while you sleep.


Imagine the impact a book will have on:

Your Career

Your Family

Your Income

Your Community

Your Authority

Your LIFE  

For a Limited Time Only

Because so many people have experienced job loss, lack of income, and stress from the recent crisis...

...I didn't want this course to be out of reach for some people. I truly believe that now, more than ever, the world NEEDS Game Changing Authors to write, publish and profit from their books - I've decided not to charge you what I would normally charge my Elite Clients. Instead of the normal course cost of $497, for a limited time, you'll pay a one time payment of only


That's half the usual price and only for The 7 Day Author Experience clients who are ready to take their Book Journey to the next level!

  • Six Weeks of Laser Lessons. You navigate the Modules at your own pace. Each week builds on the previous lessons, moving through all SIX of the Author Archetypes.

  • Learn anywhere, anytime. Access the course materials and move at your own pace.

  • Get the Tools, Techniques and the 'Behind the Scenes' look at what the publishing "Gatekeepers" don't want you to know.

  • My team is here to support you throughout your journey. We're always just an email away.

  • Surprise Bonus Features. Downloadable Action Guides. Audio Writing Prompts. Printable Forms for you to build on. Extra Resources that include How to Write a Book Proposal, How to Pitch Like PIXAR, How to Land a TEDX Talk (or Two), and much, much more...

  • Get support from experts in the field. In addition to the course components, you'll also have access to BONUS interviews with book editors, agents and PUBLISHERS.

  • I'll notify you when I'm hosting a Facebook Live where you can meet fellow authors, and have a chance to have all your questions answered in a Q&A, or an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with me and the PUBLISHING INDUSTRY experts.

    (If you don't do Facebook, don't worry, I'll send you a video link to your email after the live video finishes).

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© Merav Richter 2020. All Rights Reserved.

P.S. I don't want you to still be wishing you had the tools and motivation to write your book in the future. If you don't think now is the right time for you, I get you.

I thought the same thing for years. But, am I ever glad I took that first step. After writing my first book, then my second, then my third, my life was completely transformed. I didn't need to rely on a J-O-B for my income (though, I did stay in my "day" job for many years, because I loved it. But then when the economy took a downturn, I didn't need to worry. And I want the same thing for you.


Think of it this way, where do you want to be by this time next year? What about in five years? How about 10? 

Take this time now to create the future life you want.


After all, YOU are the AUTHOR of your LIFE.